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I use mostly acrylic paint on a lot of surfaces including canvas, vinyl, wood, windowshades, and paper – often recycled because there's so much good stuff already out there to paint on!


While I've been experimenting with the way smaller spaces concentrate energy, color, and edges, I usually love to work large, painting big areas full of distance, space, and the horizon.  I grew up in Denver, Colorado, so I think my love of openness comes from that area and its wild western spirit.  From 2016-2019, my studio was a small office above a busy intersection; now I work in the Norristown Arts Building, a community of artists in a converted factory near the Schuylkill river.


For the most part I try to let instinct propel, sort, and adjust things into balance (or off-balance).  Each square inch is a welcome opportunity -- with its own story and effect on everything else.


THANK YOU for looking at these paintings!  I hope you like them.



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